The students of Sidi Jamal in Birmingham have a dedicated zawiya, a building dedicated to hosting gatherings of invocation, dhikr. In addition, the zawiya serves as a social centre, providing a variety of services to the local community.

Full details of the gatherings in Birmingham are available through the Zawiya website, or by email:

Contact: Email Us

The Programme:

Ladies circle meets once a week on Saturdays. Email Us  for the times

The men’s circle, which is open to all,  meets once a week on Saturdays. 8.00pm till 11.30pm

  • Reading of Quran (read in the Warsh Moroccan {Maghribi} style)
  • Wadifa (collection of dhikrs) Remembrance of GOD
  • Talk & Moroccan Mint Tea
  • Samaa [Sufi poems] (sung in Authentic Moroccan style)
  • Food/Refreshments

The Birmingham students offer services to the wider public through the Amina Trust, a registered charity in England and Wales.