Imam al- Shādhilī

Al-Qutb al-Kamil Sidi Imam Abu al-Hasan al- Shādhilī al-Idrissi al-Hassani (d. 656/1241)

The Qadiri Boutchichi tariqa derives its Shadhili-Darqawi lineage from the connection between Sidi Mohamed Lahlu al Fassi, the shaykh of the order in Fez at the time, and Sidi Boumedienne.

Imam Abu al-Hasan al- Shādhilī was born in Bani Yafrah in the region of Ghumara, near Tetouan (Titwan), in northern Morocco, in the year 593/1179. A sharif (descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings Of Allah be upon him) of Hassani-Idrissite decent, he was a brilliant Maliki scholar famed for his skills in legal argumentation. Yet his relationship with the spiritual master Moulay Abdessalam ibn Mashish (d. 622/1207) would orient Imam al- Shādhilī’s life toward the knowledge of the inward and contemplation of God. After an intense period of spiritual pupillage, Imam Shadhili would eventually inherit his master’s station and found the Shadhiliya Order, spreading its teaching in North Africa and Egypt. One of the many signs of Imam al- Shādhilī’s rank are the great saints found amongst his disciples – Sidi Abul Abbas al-Mursi (d. 686/1287), Shaykh Yaqut al-Arshi (d. 732/1317), Sidi Ahmed ibn Ata’Allah al-Iskandari (d. 709/1294) and Sidi Sharafuddin Ahmed al-Busayri (d. 694/1279).*

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