The Path – Tariqa

An example of the spiritual path of traditional Sufism is maintained today in the form of a  living path, with a living guide and master –  Sidi Jamal-ad-Din ibn Hamza, al Qadiri al Boutchichi.  His example and teaching brings the great Sufi tradition of spiritual education and knowledge of the Divine into the present age, and makes it accessible to all who desire to benefit from its treasures and riches, regardless of background or religion. Sidi Hamza, may Allah be pleased with him, once summed up this tradition of love, peace and human dignity in a few simple words:

“Islam is a religion of oneness of God, love and peace. It symbolises permanent effort, ceaseless striving for excellence of behaviour and sincerity of worship; Sufism is its heart. It is the way of the knowledge of God, and serenity of the heart.”

The tranquillity and guidance that is experienced by those who practice this path, from all over the world unites it’s followers from all cultures and walks of life through compassion, tolerance and learning. As the seeker benefits from this learning, so -God willing – wisdom and good character deepen, and the benefits radiate from a tranquil and illumined heart to those who are close to him or her, and to humanity generally.

The aim of these humble pages is to inspire those of interest with what the sufi path in general, an in particular the path of the Qadiri Boutchiyya has to offer of luminous knowledge and divine secrets, which no books can contain nor can pens write. Sidi Hamza used to say“Sufism is not a science of papers (awraq) but a science of taste(adhwaq)”. As all who practice know, words of any language are insufficient to convey completely the purpose, application and wonders of the path. Indeed, Sufism demands direct experience and presence, and is not learned from books. Therefore there is no better way of learning about path than by spending time in the company of other sufis or by attending a gathering of invocation (dhikr)– see further details on the “Participate” page.