Spiritual Transmission – Isnad

As with all sciences, the student will only commit to a teacher who is qualified. In addition to knowing the diseases of the heart, and having achieved the station of Gnosis of the Divine (marifah) the master (shaykh) must have authorisation (idhn) from a master. He in turn would have had to have authorisation from a master, who had achieved this station of marifah, with complete understanding of the methods appropriate to his time, and complete understanding of sufism (tasawwuf), from his teacher. This ensures that the authenticity of the teaching is not lost through the generations, and our teacher Sidi Jamal, and his teacher and father before him, Sidi Hamza, have unbroken chains of transmission of this spiritual education, up to the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him.

The spiritual transmission (silsila) of the Boutchichi Tariqa is unique, in that Sidi Boumadyan, the master of both Sidi Hamza and Sidi Haj Al Abbas, received spiritual training from three different paths (turuq).

“The secret (sirr) of our way is complete; Sidi Boumadyan collected the heritage of several masters. The secret includes the science of the shari`a, of the behaviour (akhlaq), of the stations (ahwal), of love (mahabba), of dhikr and Sunna. The authorization (idhn) is total and absolute. This absolute character relates as well to the propagation of the way as do the invocations.” Sidi Hamza

Sidi Ben al-Aryan was his first teacher, from the Tijani Tariqa. The silsila of Sidi Boumadyan’s teachers from the Qadiri Tariqa are shown separately.  However, his last and main master was Sidi Mohamed Lahlu al Fasi, of the Shadhili-Darqawi Tariqa, from which much of the practices of the Boutchichi Tariqa are drawn.

Note that whilst the chain of spiritual transmission is a prerequisite of the validity of any spiritual path, there are many teachers today who have permission to teach the methods of masters from previous generations. These are known as paths (turuq) of “Baraka”, or blessings.

What differentiates the Boutchichi Tariqa is the existence of a current, living, spiritual master, Sidi Hamza. The living master is one who not only knows the method of purification of the heart and attaining knowledge of the divine, but has rid himself of these impurities and achieved the station of gnosis. The friends of God, awliya, of the past who are well known in this regard include the likes of Shaykh Abdul Qadr al Jilani, and Imam Ata’illah al-Iskandari, and the one who attaches himself, or herself, to such a teacher joins a path (Tariqa) of spiritual education (tarbiyya)