Gathering – Ijtimaa

There are regular gatherings of the disciples (‘fuqara’) in order to perform invocation (‘dhikr’),  sing  poetry (‘qasaid’), share a meal, and to increase the bonds of love (‘mahabba’) that forms a central role in the spiritual education (‘tarbiyya’) of the disciples.

As explained by the Sidi Hajj Al Abbas, “The Dhikr of Allah and the Gatherings wherein it occurs is not something new in Islam. It is something that the Quran points to in many circumstances and in all states. It is either by heart, by tongue or by thinking (of Allah) and not forgetting Him… Also The Messenger of Allah (Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him) has directed us towards the Dhikr of Allah individually, collectively, silently and out loud through the Hadith Qudsi:

Allah says ‘I reflect my slave’s regard for me. If he remembers me within himself, I remember him within myself and if he remembers me within a group, I remember him within in a better assembly.”

The Messenger (Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him) has also said:

O people!  There are groups of Allah’s Angels who strive to attend and stay in gatherings of Dhikr, so try to sit with them in the garden of Paradise. Some of the companions asked ‘What is the Garden of paradise?’ The Messenger of Allah replied ‘Gatherings of Dhikr’.”

Within the tariqa there are a variety of different types of gathering, local, national and international, and those intended for more established disciples, as well as regular gatherings at which guests (of all backgrounds) are welcomed. Sidi Hamza says “Sufism is not a science of papers (awraq) but a science of taste(adhwaq)”, and we invite you to navigate to the “participate” page in order to find a gathering near you, if you wish to know more!