Sidi Abdessalam ibn Mashish

Al-Qutb al-Kamil Mawlana Abdessalam ibn Mashish al-Idrissi al-Hassani (d. 622/1207)

To this day, the disciples of the Qadiri Boutchichi tariqa, at the instruction of their shaykh Sidi Jamal, recite the Salatul Mashishiyya, Shaykh ibn Mashish’s revered prayer on the Prophet Muhammad, the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Born in the region of Beni Aross near Tanger, Shaykh Abdessalam ibn Mashish is known as the patron saint of Moroccan Sufism. He exhibited an extraordinary spiritual station from a young age and his life is split into three distinct phases. First, like many of the great sufi masters, he studied the Quran and Maliki jurisprudence, becoming a scholar in his own right. He then spent a period fighting with the Almohad army in al-Andalus, before finally devoting the last twenty years of his life to spiritual contemplation and retreat. He had only one disciple, Imam Abu al-Hasan al- Shādhilī (founder of the Shadhili Order), and like his disciple would reach the rank of Qutb, the spiritual pole of his time.

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