Moulay al-Arbi Darqawi

Moulay al-Arbi Darqawi al-Idrissi al-Hassani (d. 1239/1823)

Moulay al-Arbi Darqawi was born in 1159/1745 in the mountains north of Fez among the Bani Zarwal tribe. Following the memorisation of all seven readings of the Quran, and manifesting signs of a great spiritual station at an early age, Shaykh Darqawi went to Fez to study knowledge at the Medrasah Misbāhiyyah. Yet soon after arrival in Fez his life would be transformed thorough the meeting of his spiritual guide Sidi Ali al-Jamal. Shaykh Darqawi went on to found the Darqawi branch of the Shādhilī order, gathering thousands of disciples in his lifetime and leading a great spiritual flowering in Morocco.

The legacy of that flowering is felt in the Qadiri Boutchichi tariqa to this day, with the teachings of Shaykh Darqawi incorporated into the order through Sidi Boumedienne’s connection with Sidi Mohamed Lahlu al Fassi, the shaykh of the Shadhili-Darqawi order in Fez at the time.

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